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Welcome to Eleventh Step Ministries

Eleventh Step Ministries believes that successful, long-lasting sobriety must include a solid relationship with a Power Greater than oneself. Those in 12-Step Recovery Programs who choose to call their Higher Power, Jesus Christ, are benefited greatly by practicing the eleventh step, which states:

“Sought through prayer and meditation to
improve our conscious contact with God as
we understood Him, praying only for
the knowledge of His will for us and the
Power to carry that out.”

Eleventh Step Ministries provides Christ-centered Recovery Programs based on the 12-Step principles with an emphasis on growing closer to God, one day at a time.

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Program Evaluation

This is what people are saying about our Recovery Bible Study Classes

This must be what being a Christian is all about.  Finally…somebody is putting it all together.

Dan L

This kind of bible study should be called…”Christianity Applied”!

Tom C

Laura’s the perfect kind of person for this, not just of good and practicing teacher, but one of us.

Don K

As our spiritual leader, Laura helps us to develop a relationship with Christ as we travel on our recovery journey.

Nicole F, NarAnon

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