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It is our goal at Eleventh Step Ministries to provide Christ-centered recovery programs based on the traditional 12-Steps. We serve those who choose to call their Higher Power Jesus Christ by offering Bible Studies geared to people in Recovery, short Christian recovery programs, one day Christian recovery retreats and mentoring services. Our intention is for each person that we come into contact with, that he or she may grow closer in their relationship with their Higher Power, Jesus Christ, one day at a time. Our programs practice our 11th Step by providing opportunities to learn about Jesus in the Bible, through prayer, meditation, recollection, and fellowship. All of our efforts are based on a combination of the 12-Steps and the Bible. We are not preferential to one denomination or another and strive to focus on growing closer in all our daily activities alongside Christ. Eleventh Step Ministries provides programs and is a supplement to 12-Step Recovery Programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or any other 12-Step Program. We encourage anyone in recovery to attend their desired program meetings, getting a sponsor and working the steps.

Laura C., is the founder and main administrator of Eleventh Step Ministries. Prior to incorporating Eleventh Step Ministries, Laura founded and chaired a successful and thriving Recovery Ministry at her church in NJ. Laura has been in Recovery for several years, is from NJ and comes from a family where God was number one, family number 2, and work number 3. Laura naturally comes from a place of God as her Creator, Healer and Ultimate Resolve, and her sharing in meetings over the years reflected these core values.

Many people in recovery meetings would approach her and ask about the Bible, Jesus, or Christianity. After a while, it became clear that many people in recovery were hungry to know more about Christianity in an effort to grow closer to their Higher Power, Christ Jesus. While attending a Christmas program at her church, Laura asked her pastor if she could start a Recovery Ministry at their church, explaining the need to offer a Bible study to those in recovery who were interested.
The Recovery Bible was chosen, meeting days set up, with hour-long meetings similar to 12-step program meetings put into place, and a small group of four began meeting each Thursday morning in Manasquan, NJ. Laura also offered a meeting at night.

Since then, that morning meeting averages 25 people, mostly in recovery, and has become a place where people in recovery come and learn about Christian Recovery in relation to Christ and in fellowship with others seeking a closer relationship with Jesus.

From the Bible Study meetings, came well-attended short programs, one day retreats, and people seeking mentoring services. Each time there is a program, attendance doubles as the word has gotten out about the Christian Recovery programs.