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This must be what being a Christian is all about. Finally…somebody is putting it all together.”

Dan L

This kind of bible study should be called…’Christianity Applied’!

Tom C

Laura’s the perfect kind of person for this, not just of good and practicing teacher, but one of us.

Don K

As our spiritual leader, Laura helps us to develop a relationship with Christ as we travel on our recovery journey.

Nicole F

Guided by the light of God’s word we journey together in hope and Laura exemplifies this “promise” through her ministry. Answering His call, Laura has brought to fruition the Eleventh Step Ministry at a time when the need to share experience, strength and hope has never been greater.

Theresa Hanks
HOPE Recovery Ministry Founder
St James
Pennington, NJ

Laura is an instrument for God! Her untiring service and dedication to bringing His Word to others is an inspiration. Laura takes the mystery out of the Bible and brings it to life in an understandable way.

Patty S

Laura has brought to life, “The Life Recovery Bible” for so many of us who are thirsty for the living word of God.

Diane B

She (Laura) is one of the many gifts I have been blessed to receive in recovery.

Diane B

I feel connected and finally understand how to receive and feel God’s grace & Mercy and how to love myself and others with more freedom & joy. The fellowship helps me to know I am not alone…WE recover together…the steps and the Bible. After a lifetime of Catholic School Education and Mass this program helps me to understand my Faith and how to use it in my life.

Lynn C

I have seen every addiction possible. Laura C and Eleven Step Ministries 12 step Life Recovery meetings focus on the power of God’s Word to overcome fear regardless of the circumstances, Laura teaches and helps others find victory in their lives! She is truly anointed.

Michael B